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Canine dental scaler heads - Pack of 3

Canine dental scaler heads - Pack of 3

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The first thing we notice about our faithful companions is bad breathDon't let tartar and plaque make them suffer.

CaniLab is a painless tooth cleaner recommended by vets.
Professional cleaning, comes to you without a general anaesthesia.

Détartreur Dentaire à Ultrasons


The first thing we notice about our faithful companions is bad breath.

Don't let tartar and plaque make them suffer. Canident™ is a painless tooth cleaner recommended by vets.

Professional cleaning, comes to you without a general anesthesia.

Canident™, allows you to :

✔︎ Remove brown stains, plaque, and tartar.

✔︎ Keep breath fresh.

✔︎ Avoid periodontal infection and disease.

✔︎ To avoid general anaesthesia for our pooches.

With Canident™, you can

Remove brown stains, plaque and tartar

Keep breath fresh

Avoid periodontal infection and disease

Avoid general anaesthesia for our pooches


Maintain healthier gums and cleaner teeth to prevent and eliminate the risk of diseases such as inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis, dental abscesses, tooth loosening, bone loss, pain and stress.

Nowadays, dog scaling services are very expensive, and oral diseases are becoming more and more common due to our best friends excessive salivation.

Designed with ❤️


Canident™ uses gentle vibrations to remove plaque and tartar.

Equipped with 5 adjustable intensities in order to adapt the scaling to the sensitivity of our pets' teeth, for an optimal and painless result.

Easily reaches all teeth thanks to its ergonomic design.

      Canident - Dental Kit Benefits

      Effective action against plaque and tartar

      Immediate results from the first use

      No pain, no discomfort

      New gentle vibration technology

      Product characteristics:

      Rated voltage: 5V
      Rated current: 500mA
      Train position: 5
      Files Integrated lithium battery: 3. 7V
      Waterproof rating: IPX6

      Adored by Dogs, Approved by Vets, Loved by Customers

      • ★★★★★

        Easy to use on small dogs

        I took it off my dog's teeth yesterday and his teeth turned out very nice! it's easy to work with even on my small Yorkshire


      • ★★★★★

        Teeth are white as snow

        Been using Canident since we got our girl at 8 weeks of age. Now over 9 months old and her teeth are white as snow.


      • ★★★★★

        Breath has improved

        So far teeth are definitely whiter and breath has improved a bit. The toothbrush is even better than what we were using! Works great


      • ★★★★★

        2 dogs accepted it easily

        Received mine and used it. I’m doing my dogs teeth in sessions. 2 dogs accepted it being done no problem. Sparkling teeth. Love this dental kit


          Promote your dog's oral health in the best possible way.


          Why is it important for dogs to have their teeth descaled?

          Beyond the unpleasant odor of bad breath caused by pathogenic bacteria, tartar and plaque build-up can lead to health problems for your canine, such as gingivitis, infections and periodontal disease.

          Is the Dental Kit suitable for small dogs and cats?

          Yes, our Dental Kit has been designed to suit all types of dogs, whatever their breed or size, as well as our feline friends.

          How often should I change the toothbrush / scaler heads?

          For optimum dental hygiene, we recommend changing the replacement heads every month.

          How long does it take to see results ?

          Results are visible from the very first uses. However, they depend on the amount of tartar present.